Canada declares climate emergency,然后批准管道扩建

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is riding a rollercoaster of public opinion these days.Many Canadians were pleased with the House of Commons'declaration of a climate emergencyon Monday,a motion put forward by Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna that follows in the footsteps of several Canadian cities.As the CBC reported,本声明要求

"Canada commit to meeting its national emissions target under the Paris Agreement and to making deeper reductions in line with the Agreement's objective of holding global warming below two degrees Celsius and pursuing efforts to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius."

但幸福只持续到星期二。特鲁多总理从多伦多乘飞机返回渥太华,在那里他一直在庆祝猛禽队在NBA的胜利(下议院投票没有他),并宣布他正在批准跨山管道扩建项目。 从加拿大广播公司:

"The cabinet has affirmed the National Energy Board's conclusion that,虽然管道有可能破坏环境和海洋生物,it's in the national interest and could contribute tens of billions of dollars to government coffers and create and sustain thousands of jobs."

Trudeau 'reassured' Canadians that every dollar made from the pipeline will be used to invest in unspecified clean energy projects."We need to create wealth today so we can invest in the future," he said."We need resources to invest in Canadians so they can take advantage of the opportunities generated by a rapidly changing economy,here at home and around the world."

It's a head-scratcher of a decision,especially following Monday's declaration.热带雨林行动网络的帕特里克·麦卡利把它比作“宣战癌症,然后宣布一项促进吸烟的运动”。绿党领袖伊丽莎白·梅说,“把从跨山地区获得的利润投资于清洁技术的计划是一个‘玩世不恭的诱饵和开关,不会愚弄任何人’”。(via CBC).国家民主党领袖辛格(Jagmeet Singh)表示,鉴于加拿大对巴黎减排协议负有义务,这是不负责任的。

特鲁多决定buy the pipelinein April 2018 for $4.5 billion in the midst of investor uncertainty;but then a court decision blocked construction in August,ruling that further environmental assessments and more consultation with indigenous groups were needed.Trudeau says he has met these requirements and is now ready to proceed.Some Indigenous groups disagree,calling his consultation "shallow."

It's a strange move in a world where divestment from fossil fuels is gathering momentum.活动家比尔·麦基本几个月前写的about the numerous universities,大学,and religious institutions that have opted to sell their shares in oil,gas,and coal companies – and they're not hurting because of it:

"Early divesters have made out like green-tinged bandits: since the fossil fuel sector has badly underperformed on the market over recent years,moving money into other investments has dramatically increased returns.Pity,for instance,纽约州审计长托马斯·德纳波利(Thomas Denapoli)——与纽约市的审计长不同,he refused to divest,and the cost has been about $17,000 per pensioner."

Surely,if Trudeau's main concern is economics,有更好的方法来为加拿大人创造财富和金融稳定,such as investing that $4.5 billion in green energy and other sustainable projects.These would have the added benefit (and cost savings) of preserving the natural environment,rather than destroying it through construction,必威电竞官网transportation,and inevitable contamination,and improving public health,专家们说受气候变化严重影响.

Alas,there seem to be few leaders willing to go out on a limb,fight against the status quo,如果我们希望把全球变暖的平均值保持在2摄氏度以下,我们就需要建立新的世界秩序。And if Trudeau doesn't know where to start,I'd point him to theLeap Manifesto,which lays out beautifully a plan for "a country powered entirely by renewable energy."

As the authors of the manifesto wrote,"Caring for one another and caring for the planet could be the economy's fastest growing sectors." If only Trudeau were daring enough to believe it.

Canada declares climate emergency,然后批准管道扩建

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